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Prezi is a cloud-based software that allows users to create zooming presentations that emphasize the "big picture" approach to concepts and connections. It's revolutionary for what it is and allows thousands of folks to create "prezis" and share them with an audience.

Prezi desktop is for subscribers of Prezi Pro of Edu Pro. The software lets you save your Prezis and then edit them as you go along, but it also lets you take the work offline. This helps in situations where your Prezis might be confidential or for a specific, limited audience. You can use the editor even when you're not online, which opens up a lot of freedom for Prezi users.

Sharing your Prezis is what it's all about, so the file features will please Prezi users. You can collaborate with other users or simply send the .pez files to other users so that they can look at your presentation and make suggestions or else help to edit them themselves.

Video files have a home in the Prezi desktop world. When you use the Prezi desktop, you're not restricted to just a 50 mb file limit. Use conversion software in addition to Prezi desktop to convert your Prezi videos and share them, no matter how large they are. This is a huge plus for users that have experienced the limitations of the video size restriction before.

Desktop versions of software like Prezi are always pleasant programs to have around. They're easy to access from the desktop and let you take your work offline, something that's essential if you're going to work on presentations in an area where there is no Internet access. Prezi offers a free trial version which lets you see if this is the type of software you want to use for your presentations, and if it is, then Prezi desktop is definitely an addition you want to grab for your work.

Prezi Desktop allows users to create slide-based presentations and then show them on a screen or other output device. The primary goal of Prezi Desktop is to be simple to use. It is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint although it lacks some of the features and flexibility. Creating a presentation in Prezi Desktop is as simple as opening a template or blank page, adding in text or images and then arranging the order of the slides. You can even add video to a presentation. You can play the presentation back through Prezi Desktop. There are export options although they are very limited and not terribly useful.


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